Smari Gunn
 Smari Gunn is an Icelandic Writer, Director, Actor & Voiceover Artist
based in London. 


The Home Game has been named Documentary of the Year in Iceland by the readers of and in the top 3 for all Icelandic Films 2023 according to critics.

The Home Game received the audience award at Skjaldborg and at Nordisk Panorama 2023.

Smari is appearing as eccentric director Magnus in the Premiere of the new Mercedes Benz GLC  

Smari directed the feature length documentary, The Home Game, about a man's mission to fulfill his fathers dream; to stage a football match on a football pitch that has never been played on.

Smari voices Lars Hellstrom in CI Games' Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2.

Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga was the #1 film on Netflix in US and UK on it's opening weekend. 

Robert Valentine's Audio drama Albion starring Smari as Saxon Warlord, Rothgar, is now available on Audible.

Local Dealer is nominated for Best International Short at London Tweetup Film Festival.

Out of thin air was broadcast on BBC and is now available on Netflix.

Smari has been nominated for Best Performance at Screentest Film Festival for his role in Happy Anniversary.